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How to link to this website.

1) If you want to place a banner link of the 109th PCGA Squadron Website in your website, you may use this banner:

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2) You can right click the mouse over the 109th PCGA Squadron Website banner and choose "Save Picure As..." for Microsoft Internet Explorer users and "Save Image As..." for Netscape Navigator users.

3) Then, you can insert this source code to the source code of your webpage:

<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Base/7885/" TARGET="_top">
<IMG SRC="109thbanner.jpg"
457" HEIGHT="78" ALT="The 109th Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Squadron Website"></A>

* note that that the A HREF can also be = to https://members.tripod.com/pcga109/ if you want to link to our mirror site
* note that that the IMG SRC is where you saved the 109thbanner.jpg 

This code simply puts a hyperlink on the 109th PCGA Squadron Website banner with either of these URLs:

1) http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Base/7885 or

2) https://members.tripod.com/pcga109/


How to suggest a website to us.
(Submit a related website to us and we'll add it to our Links Page)

Just e-mail the webmaster with these important things:

1) Name and e-mail of the person making the suggestion.

2) Name and e-mail of the webmaster of the website you are suggesting.

3) Title and URL of the website you are suggesting.

*Please suggest to the website you are suggesting to put a banner and a link of the 109th PCGA Squadron Website in their website. Thank you.


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