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General Guidelines:

1) Membership in the PCGA shall be on a voluntary basis.

2) The District Directors, PCGA, with the District Commodore, PCGA, shall evaluate and recommend to DCPCG the acceptance of prospective volunteer members to PCGA after satisfying the basic membership requirements.

3) The PCGA ranks and positions/designations that will be occupied by the prospective member shall be determined based on his/her qualifications and in accordance with the criteria set in the PCGA Regulations Manual and PCGA Table of Organization.

4) The promotion of officers shall be thoroughly evaluated by the National Executive Group (NEG) for endorsement via chain of command for the approval of the Commandant, Philippine Coast Guard (CPCG), while that of the ratings shall be done at the Coast Guard District level by the District Commander.


Basic Requirements:

1) Membership in the PCGA is open to citizens of the Philippines, 18 years or older, in the PCGA Enlisted Rank, and 23 years or older in the PCGA Officers Rank provided that they own a facility related to the Maritime Industry or have special training to qualify for PCGA Membership on any of the PCGA maritime functions

2) PCGA membership is open to members of the Armed Forces and the other uniformed services and their Reserved Components provided that they are in the inactive status in the AFP.

3) Retired military personnel may join any PCGA organization. They shall be appointed in the PCGA with their corresponding ranks when they retired from the AFP; for officers holding ranks higher than the National Commodore, subject officers shall be appointed with the rank corresponding to the highest PCGA rank.


Residence Requirements:

Initial enrollment in the PCGA shall be at the Coast Guard District where the individual maintains a minimum of three months primary residence. Deviations from this policy are subject to the concurrence of the District Director involved.  The residence requirement may be waived by the District Director upon the recommendation of the Squadron Commander to the District Commodore.


Membership Dues:

1) All members shall be assessed annual membership dues in accordance with the following schedules to be submitted to the National Auxiliary Fund:

Flag Rank


Field Grade P500.00
Company Grade P250.00
Ratings P50.00

2) Inductees are required to pay the Induction Fee. This fee will pay for the place and food during the Induction Ceremony. The amount varies on different induction ceremonies.

3) Members are expected to provide their own uniforms. The specifications of the PCGA Uniforms are found in the PCGA Regulations Manual.


Initial Enrollment:

All applicants may be considered for initial enrollment provided that the applicant meets all eligibility requirements for enrollment and must, prior to induction, without fail, attend the PCGA indoctrination / seminar to be conducted by the PCG officers or as directed by the Commandant PCG.


Other Requirements:

1) Fill up the application form. (Print the application form. Reproduction of this form is also encouraged.)

2) Bring two 2 x 2 Pictures.

3) Machine Copy of credentials (licenses, certifications, awards, etc.)

* Submit these requirements at 419 W. Burke St. Sta.Cruz, Manila, Philippines. The 109th PCGA Squadron Office is located inside the Philippine Maritime Institute (PMI) Colleges Main Building.


For More Information:

1) Call 243-48-06 or

2) E-mail the webmaster.


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