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April 28, 2000
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Captain Virgilio Cloma PCGA, 109th Squadron Commander, presents to Commodore Reuben Lista PCG, PCG Deputy Commandant, some of the assets of the 109th PCGA Squadron before the actual SAR Demo. This speedboat is one of the important SAR vessels used by the Search and Rescue Tactical Action Group (SARTAG) of the 109th CGAS during Search and Rescue Operations.
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SARTAG members jump off the speedboat to rescue two injured fishermen. The speedboat picks up the rescuers along with the two injured fishermen.
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The speedboat tows the fishing boat of the two victims.
The M/V Admiral Tomas Cloma (PMI Training Ship), another SAR vessel of the 109th CGAS, is at the background.
The speedboat comes along side the BRP Corregidor, a Philippine Coast Guard vessel.


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