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strobe.gif (2664 bytes)   2nd Induction and Awarding Ceremonies of the 109th CGAS   strobe.gif (2664 bytes)
March 12, 1999
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Rear Admiral Manuel De Leon AFP returns the salute from the Side Boys. Captain Virgilio Cloma PCGA, 109th Squadron Commander, guides Rear Admiral Manuel De Leon AFP, PCG Commandant, and Commodore Joselito Aseniero PCGA, 1st PCGA District Commodore.
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Entrance of Colors. The cadets march out after the Colors were placed on the stage.
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An Inductee receives her shoulder board from Rear Admiral Manuel De Leon AFP. Lieutenant Senior Grade Ricardo Chan PCGA is promoted to Lieutenant Commander PCGA.
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Top brass from the Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary stand on the stage. Inductees pledge their commitment to the PCGA.


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