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   Awards and decorations are tokens or intangible proofs of deeds embodying honorable, meritorious and heroic acts and display of skills with proficiency, competence and excellence that serve as memorabilia and inspiration.


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awardout.jpg (1378 bytes)   Outstanding Achievement Ribbon

This is awarded by the PCG Commandant  for the highest achievement of a PCGA member with outstanding characteristics in the performance of his duty in support of PCG mission and functions.

awardmerit.jpg (1392 bytes)   Merit Ribbon

For meritorious service rendered aimed to assist the Philippine Coast Guard in community development and other civil affairs projects over a period of time.

awardsar.jpg (1422 bytes)   Search and Rescue Ribbon

For exemplary acts in the conduct of search and rescue resulting in saving life and property at sea.

awardcom.jpg (1300 bytes)   Commendation Ribbon

For demonstrating exemplary efficient service in pursuance to the PCG's mission and functions.

awardmarpol.jpg (1372 bytes)   Anti-Marine Pollution Campaign Ribbon

To earn the award, a member must participate in an exercise to protect the marine environment.

awarddisaster.jpg (1232 bytes)   Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Ribbon

To earn the award, a member must participate in the relief and rehabilitation operations connected with typhoons, floods, earthquakes and disaster-calamities for any period during and after the calamities.

awardcivic.jpg (1262 bytes)   Civic Action Ribbon

This award is intended and is given for meritorious achievement in the field of civic action in the response of duty or indirect support to PCG-PCGA medical and dental civic action projects.

awardlong.jpg (1361 bytes)   Long Service Ribbon

To earn this award, the PCGA member must have completed more than ten years active, fruitful and honorable service to the PCGA and or each additional two years, one ribbon - Star shall be affixed to the ribbon.

awardgood.jpg (1376 bytes)   Good Conduct Ribbon

To earn this award, a PCGA member must have served at least two years of active participation in all  PCG-PCGA projects and activities with no records of punishment, conviction or derogatory information.

awarddis.jpg (1372 bytes)   Service Ribbon

For recognition of fruitful and honorable service in assisting the Philippine Coast Guard and its assigned mission functions.

awardcon.jpg (1521 bytes)   Convention Ribbon

For attending the PCGA National Conventions may qualify for such award.

awardred.jpg (1423 bytes)   Red Cross Ribbon

Awarded to all PCGA members who have actively participated at least twice in any of the blood-letting activities.

awardpres.jpg (1346 bytes)   PCG Commandant Unit Citation

This award is exclusively awarded by the Commandant, PCG to any unit in the PCGA that in the judgment of the Commandant has demonstrated outstandingly and exemplary service in the pursuance of the PCGA mission and functions. It may be worn by all members of the unit that have earned the award.

awardunit.jpg (1315 bytes)   National Commodore PCGA Unit Citation

This is awarded exclusively by the National Commodore, PCGA to any unit of the PCGA that has distinguished themselves outstandingly in the rendition of their duty. The award is intended to recognize the performance of the District, Squadron, Division and other units within the PCGA that the National Commodore recognizes they have demonstrated outstanding service.


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