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   Military Courtesy is the extension of the system of civilian courtesy. The rules for military courtesy are soundly based on custom and tradition, and their strict observance is an important factor in the maintenance of discipline. Respect and courtesy are observed by all officers and enlisted persons of the auxiliary service. Like loyalty, military courtesy operates from senior to junior as well as from junior to senior. Consideration and respect  for the junior are necessary attributes for any senior.


Boat etiquette

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    The most basic act of military courtesy is at a meeting of two military persons. Customarily, a salute is exchanged. This form of courtesy has been handed down through the ages and is an integral part of military life. The person receiving the salute (the senior) is just as responsible for returning it as the junior is for rendering it. Learn to salute in a correct and military manner, but without exaggeration. A sloppy salute is more discourteous than a failure to salute. How punctiliously the various forms of military coutesy particularly the salute are observed measures the degree of discipline of the ship or station.


When to salute

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When not to salute

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