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     In the year 1995, a handful of merchant marine officers, mostly faculty members of the Philippine Maritime Institute (PMI Colleges) headed by Captain Virgilio Cloma, joined the 104th PCGA Squadron headed by then Captain Alvarez. Through the encouragement of Captain Cloma, more PMI faculty members with different professions joined the PCGA. After 3 years, the membership of PMI faculty members in the 104th Squadron swelled. After consultation with the National Executive Group of the PCGA, the PCGA leadership deemed it necessary to have a separate squadron for members of maritime schools that would concentrate training regarding SOLAS and Search and Rescue. Hence, the creation of the 109th PCGA Squadron.

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Meeting of the National Executive Group 

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Commo. Arturo Y. Capada, AFP (Ret.)

     On February 5, 1998, the 109th PCGA Squadron was activated by then Commodore Arturo Y. Capada, AFP. Headed by Captain Virgilio Cloma as squadron commander, the 109th Squadron started with 23 members. At the moment, the squadron has more than a hundred members dedicated to pursue the purpose of the PCGA. After only more than a year of existence, the 109th PCGA Squadron has accomplished several projects thereby achieving the goals for which it was created.

     With the support of the PCGA national leadership, the squadron is looking forward in making it one of the best, if not the best squadron of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary.


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